The Parishes of Dunham Massey

St Mark’s History


StMarks_2St Mark’s is a beautiful little country church situated at the heart of the village of Dunham Town.

The church, built by the 7th Earl Stamford in 1856, is in a place of tranquillity situated just a stone’s throw from the business of the nearby city streets. St Mark’s is a profound spiritual touchstone for many who come for solace and refreshment.

The weekly cycle of Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Sunday Worship places the church alongside diverse people of many ages and backgrounds as they travel the journey of life. A traditional English parish church that embraces all.

StMarks_J_6A few interesting facts

  • The church has a unique church yard opposite, bequeathed by the Earl of Stamford. The church yard is for members of the village community and members of the church congregations. The oldest graves of two Quakers can be found as can the tombs of the Stamford family.
  • St Mark’s parish is home to the Bishop of Stockport, currently the Rt Rev Sam Corley.