The Parishes of Dunham Massey



Congratulations! We’re so thankful for your joyful news! As a church, we love to welcome families and children into our church family, and we long to see many young people grow up knowing Jesus!

What is baptism?

Often called a Christening, baptism is an outward sign of what Jesus promises: He promises to wash people clean from their sin, inside out. This promise is for all who put their trust in Jesus, whatever their age!

What will happen at a baptism service?

You and your family and friends will gather together, some big promises will be made, at least one of you will get wet, and it will be a celebration!

What should I think about if I want my child baptised?

 As well as a lovely and joyful occasion, baptism is a serious moment in anyone’s life. Big and lasting promises are made either by the candidate if they are able, or their parents making those promises on behalf of their child. It is a dedication to live your/their life for Jesus, being a committed member of our church family, and putting Christ as foremost in your life. These promises are not to be taken lightly and must be made with integrity.

What if I don’t feel comfortable making these promises?

That is totally fine, we don’t want to pressure you into doing something you don’t believe. If that’s you, we also offer a thanksgiving service. This is similar to a baptism: people come together, your child is brought up to the front, and we give thanks for them. The big difference is no water, and no promises, which means no godparents but you can nominate people as ‘sponsors’. You even still get the party afterwards!

What if I am serious about these promises, what do I do next?

If that’s you, brilliant! Please get in touch on Either Aled or Dave will then get in touch with you for a baptism visit. This will be a short informal chat including going through what baptism is, and what the service looks like. Your date will be confirmed once this visit has happened.

What do I do about godparents?

 Godparents are nominated people, usually close friends, or family members, who will also make the bog promises on behalf of your child, as they will help you with bringing your child up in the Christian faith. As such, godparents must be baptised, and ideally confirmed members of the church. Ideally you should have a minimum of three, and no more than five godparents, and they must be over the age of 16 (though do speak to Aled if you have a suitable younger candidate).