The Parishes of Dunham Massey

St Margaret’s & St Mark’s Prayer Sheets and Newsletter

St Margaret’s & St Mark’s Prayer Sheets and Newsletter

A message from the churchwarden

In light of the HM Governments decisions to restrict non essential services we have taken the decision to close St Margaret’s church for all acts of worship. The church must stand in line with government advice, we cannot be seen to be encouraging people to come out when the risks are so great. We must stay home and show our solidarity by continuing to light our candles in the window each evening.

Please continue to pray for our country, our community, all those affected by Coronavirus and all frontline NHS staff. Pray for God’s love and tender mercy on us all at this time.
Stay safe and stay home.


Weekly Prayer Sheets

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Prayer Sheets March 29th – April 5th 2020

Prayer Sheets March 26th 2020