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MK3 Epiphany event – Sunday 3rd January 2016

MK3 Epiphany event – Sunday 3rd January 2016

This year we introduced a new MK3 event to spread the Xmas spirit a little bit into the new year!

The event celebrated the arrival of the wise Men at the nativity scene (Epiphany), and everyone was introduced to the French custom of the “Galette des rois” for this occasion. The Galette is a cake which contains a small token. The cake slices are distributed at random, and whoever has the token in their slice is crowned King or Queen, and nominates a Queen or King respectively… And they both get to wear a shiny crown!

The event took place on Sunday the 3rd January from 3pm to 4pm, at the back of the Church (just under the newly displayed Nativity scene!), and comprised of:

Jerry reading the Epiphany story
The children making crowns. Each child had the opportunity to use craft materials to decorate their own crown
…and then the tasting of the Galette for the children (mince pies were available for the adults)